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In Press: It Takes a Village to Deliver and Test Child and Family-Focused Services


McKay, M. M., Gopalan, G., Franco, L. M., Kalogerogiannis, K. N., Olshtain-Mann, O., Bannon, W., et al. (in press). It takes a village to deliver and test child and family-focused services. Research in Social Work Practice.

Objectives: The purpose of this article is to highlight the benefits of collaboration in child focused mental health services research. Method: Three unique research projects are described. These projects address the mental health needs of vulnerable, urban, minority children and their families. In each one, service delivery was co-designed, interventions were co-delivered and a team of stakeholders collaboratively tested the impact of each one. Results: The results indicate that the three interventions designed, delivered, and tested are associated with reductions in youth mental health symptoms. Conclusion: These interventions are feasible alternatives to traditional individualized outpatient treatment.